The key trends in modern business

The modern business world is being shaped by 5 major trends…

Big data

Enterprise information management (EIM) is facing a major evolution, in the form of “big data”. Businesses need to come to terms with how to manage the increasing variety, volume and velocity of information The challenge is to create a complete, robust and collaborative information management platform that can deliver the right information exploration and visualisation abilities, in order to gain accurate, timely insights.

Enterprise information management

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is squarely at the centre of trends influencing the modern enterprise environment - because it encompasses all the approaches, methods, processes and technologies that allow enterprises to manage and maximise the value of all the available information.

This makes it a crucial element in developing appropriate business strategies and achieving the business transformation required to adapt to an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a new business model that affects almost every aspect of an organisation. It is an approach to aligning technology with business strategy and needs – in ways that offer unprecedented business flexibility and agility.

The cornerstones are interconnectivity and collaboration between technologies and services, through an overarching cloud framework that integrates everything and supplies the information that all the services use.

Of course cloud computing poses challenges. It requires a change in perceptions and the adaptation of systems, skills and behaviour. Careful planning, provisioning mindful implementation are needed.

Enterprise mobility

Mobile devices are having far-reaching effects on the enterprise. There has been a proliferation of diverse mobile devices in the workplace. Around this has developed a vast ecosystem of operating systems and mobile applications. Even further challenges are posed by the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenario.

Device management, information control and security challenges touch on every aspect of the enterprise.

The “Internet of things”

Technology and the digital world are a crucial part of the way we do business in the new era. As systems and devices or mobile computing becomes more intelligent, integrated and smarter systems are needed to unlock this previously untapped potential. Information needs to be available on all devices, distributed via the cloud.

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