The EOH SAP Services approach to business transformation

How we turn strategy into meaningful action to bridge the gap

We view the business intelligence technology as an enabler that will deliver the intelligently transformed information to each user within his/her own context, on the platform of their choice and in a format that is the easiest to consume for their role in the decision making process.

EOH Enterprise Application Management’s proven methodology in SAP services involves driving initiatives that enable INSIGHT, improve EFFICIENCY and ensure FLEXIBILITY.

EOH Enterprise Applications - the catalyst for business transformation

The EOH approach is a blended one. It combines a functional team on the ground, responsible for process analysis, testing, training and support, with a skilled backup complement of technical resources that remotely access the solution environment to deliver additional technical expertise.

The programme structure makes specific allowance for our partners to appoint their own dedicated project managers and functional and change management resources, who work with our team on the solution.

Best practice methodologies

We use best-in-class methodologies, like the ASAP Methodology, to support cost-effective and speedy implementation of the SAP solutions. This provides a proven, comprehensive, repeatable, and rich implementation methodology to streamline projects and achieve lower cost of implementation.

The Upgrade Roadmap provides SAP’s latest upgrade methodology to plan and execute an SAP upgrade. It bundles SAP’s latest knowledge and best practices for basic project management, and the functional and technical aspects of upgrading an entire SAP system landscape.

End-to-end solutions

We offer end-to-end solutions and ongoing implementation management through the proven RunSAP methodology. We focus on application management, business process operations and administration of the technology platform.

The foundation for our SAP services support is business process availability. Availability hinges on how technology is first implemented and then supported. Functional and technical teams must work together, not in isolation and certainly not at odds with one another. The same applies to in-house technical teams and external consultants.

Our customer-focused ecosystem

We have developed a customer-focused ecosystem that enables businesses to gain strategic insight, accelerate innovation, ensure return on investment and achieve breakthrough results. We make organisations more effective through our people, skills, experience, depth of knowledge, clarity and partnership. We provide business advice and expertise – and the technologies that enable successful transformation and strategy implementation.

Insight – the bedrock of effective decision making

Accurate, timely and relevant information allows a company to understand business conditions, evaluate risk and improve decision making. To develop effective and proactive business strategies in response to changing market circumstances.

We help companies to gain the insight and clarity necessary to start their transformation journeys.

Efficiency – the key to sustainability and profitability

Efficiency optimises a business to make it more competitive and achieve sustainable operations. It reduces costs and wasted expenditure, maximises the smart utilisation of resources and improves productivity. We help companies to identify and remove inefficiencies and enable efficiencies by optimising processes.

Flexibility – responding effectively to deliver value

The ability to respond more quickly to evolving conditions and shifting customer requirements, and to capitalise on opportunities, are critical aspects of a successful strategic transformation process.

We help companies to capture demand signals and incorporate new ideas into business processes and networks.

Our transformation process - three key phases

We follow a simple, powerful, proven methodology in helping our customers transform strategy into successful execution…


EOH SAP Transformation Roadmap

The EOH SAP Services business transformation roadmap…

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