EOH SAP Centre of Excellence

EOH has a fully functional SAP Certified Centre of Excellence (COE). Its highest priority is to safeguard the stable operation of SAP solutions. This goes way beyond bug fixes and general support. It is based on complete application management and is linked to all our other technology and other lines of business in order to provide integrated quality management for our partners.

Why does the Centre of Excellence matter?

The sustainability of our cluster depends on it to:

  • Reduce time to value
  • Reduce reputation risk
  • Reduce risk of project failure
  • Increase ability to adapt quickly
  • Ensure compliance (methodology)
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Grow the business

Why is this more important today than ever before?

  • Channels to market are more complex than ever
  • Access to channels are more competitive than ever
  • Path to market is now not always clear
  • Business demands quick results
  • An innovative portfolio or solution has the potential to define the operational model and develop customer trust

Centre of Excellence capabilities framework


The Centre of Excellence Value Proposition

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